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Place an Order

  1. Select Order from the navigation bar
  2. Fill out all of the required form fields:
    • Weight: Optional for envelopes, tubes, and lab specimens.
    • Ready Time: Now, later today, or up to 7 days from today.
    • Reference Number: If required for your internal billing.
    • Pick up/ Delivery Instructions: If you have instructions please check the alert dispatch box below.
    • Email Addresses Delivery Notification (Optional): Type email addresses for notification when delivery is completed.
  3. Review the Order and continue by pressing Send Order
    • Use the Edit Order button to make necessary changes
    • If the information is correct, click Send Order
  4. The Confirmation Page Includes the followinf information
    • A summary of your order information and the assigned Tracking Number.
    • Option to create a shipping label (recommended): Click Create Shipping Label, then printer icon

Track a Package

  1. Select Track from the navigation bar
  2. Select the Date or range of dates, Username or Account (Account Recommended), and Sort (Date/Tracking # is Recommended) Check Show Details box
    Note: Tracking by Username will only include those orders you placed online.
  3. Click Track to see delivery/ deliveries for specified dates.
  4. Within Tracking Results, click on the Tracking Number to view more details of delivery and/or to print specific tracking details.
  5. Click Download in the upper righthand corner, for an Excel spreadsheet of your deliveries.

Online Bill Pay

  1. Select Account Management > Billing Information > View and Pay Invoices > Launch QuickPay
  2. You can pay all open invoices from here by selecting the open invoice and clicking Pay Invoices
  3. To set-up a recurring monthly payment go to: Settings > Payment Settings > Payment Accounts > Add Bank Account
  4. Once your bank account has been added, go to Auto-Pay Settings and select your payment account from the drop-down menu
  5. Enter your Maximum Payment amount
    Note: Any invoice over your maximum payment amount will not be paid

Address Books

There are two address books available for saving and retrieving frequently used addresses. The Company Address Book is available to everyone at your company that has online access at Quicksilver. My Address Book is exclusive to your login account.

My Address

You can set or modify the default pickup and delivery address. This is the address, location and contact name that are entered when you click on the My Address icon on the order form. If you don't see Pickup at My Address on the order form, then no address has been saved. Click here to create one.

Automatic Login

If you check the box labeled Remember Me on the login page, you can bypass the login screen when you come back to the web site.

Bookmark an Order Form

The first page of the order form can be added to Favorites or Bookmarks for fast access.

Order Form Defaults

By configuring default preferences for new orders, many fields in the order form can be automatically set. Service priority, vehicle size, number and type of items, and reference number may all be set up with default values. Of course, not every order will be the same, so changes can be made to any of these fields when an order is created.

Change My Password

If you did not choose your own password when your login account was created, you can change it yourself.